Cannabis & Hemp Law


While this emerging industry can be alluringly dynamic, if you don't know where you're going, you can easily find yourself lost in the weeds. (Pun intended!)

Midtown Law is experienced in this industry, providing everything from third-party agreements, due diligence, and advice on all those regulatory headaches. From gearing up to handing off, we have you covered.

Medical Marijuana

Midtown Law delivers innovative legal solutions to cannabis sector clients on a full range of relevant matters. From providing strategic advice on complex acquisitions and regulatory matters to guiding companies doing licensing or other unique initiatives, Midtown Law is able to leverage its unmatched experience in business law to assist our clients achieve their objectives in this rapidly expanding sector.

Industrial Hemp

The legalization of industrial hemp through the 2018 farm bill has many people — both inside and outside the agriculture sector – racing to figure out the potential market for this relatively novel agricultural product. The exploding CBD industry is just one of the most visible byproducts of the legalization of industrial hemp. However, a lot of vagueness still exists, and we are here to help.

Our Expertise in Arizona Medical Marijuana & Hemp

  • Cross-licensing

  • Trademark matters

  • Due dilligence

  • DHS Investigations

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • Labelling and marketing

  • State medical marijuana licensing applications and appeals

  • State hemp licensing applications and appeals

  • CBD-specific issues

  • Regulatory compliance & audits

  • Manufacturing, wholesale, supply, and distribution agreements

  • Marijuana in the workplace

  • Material transfer agreements

  • Product authorizations, licensing and inspections

  • Recalls

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