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What is Business Law?

Also known as commercial law, business law governs the dealings between people and commercial matters. A crucial part of business law involves avoiding problems that can cause future legal disputes for an owner. Often, when a business owner handles their own legal matters, mistakes are made which can be extremely costly to the owner.

Why Hire Us?

Most organizations do not look for outside counsel unless they feel they have to. Many relationships with counsel begin with organizations asking for assistance to fix a specific problem or consider a proposed transaction. Healthier organizations proactively screen for legal issues and invite periodic compliance checks, establishing relationships with counsel so that reliable advice is easily accessible when needed.

Our Capabilities

Here’s just a short list of the general counsel services we provide for business organizations:

  • Counsel on call for day-to-day and emergency matters

  • Reviewing and drafting contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding, etc.

  • Commercial lease agreements

  • Partnership/ownership agreements and disputes

  • Drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants (non-compete, confidentiality agreements, etc.)

  • Review and negotiation of Franchise Agreements

  • Mapping and formation of organizational structures

  • Designing systems for compliance

  • Quarterbacking HR matters (facilitating affordable review of employee handbooks, contracts and offer letters, employee benefit compliance, etc.)

  • Trademark Registration

  • Advice when considering new relationships, be it a vendor or joint venture

  • Advice on handling governance and conflict of interest issues

  • Bylaws review and revision

  • Policy drafting and review


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